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Crypto firms breach UK promo rules 221 times, says FCA

dailycrypto News • Oct 26, 00:25

In a recent statement, the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) revealed that crypto firms have already violated the country’s new promotional rules a staggering 221 times since their implementation in early October. The breaches primarily involve dubious high-yield return schemes, but even legitimate firms have received warnings. The FCA expressed concern that these companies are failing to provide sufficient risk warnings and adequate information about the risks associated with cryptocurrency investments. Additionally, they are making claims about the safety and ease of using crypto without adequately highlighting the potential dangers. The FCA is now taking action against both illegitimate and legitimate businesses and is working with various platforms to remove banned promotions. Despite the challenges faced by businesses in implementing the FCA’s regulations, experts believe that these measures will ultimately enhance consumer protection and foster greater adoption of cryptocurrencies.


Crypto firms breach UK promo rules 221 times, says FCA

In a recent statement, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has revealed that crypto-promoting firms have breached the United Kingdom’s new crypto marketing rules a staggering 221 times since they were implemented in October. The FCA has expressed concern over these breaches, particularly in relation to the failure to provide visible risk warnings, inadequate information about risks, and claims about the safety, security, and ease of using crypto without highlighting the associated risks.



The FCA’s statement on the breaches of UK promo rules by crypto firms has brought attention to the ongoing challenges in the crypto industry. The FCA has raised concerns about the lack of compliance with the new rules and has taken action against several firms for their non-compliance. The objective behind the new rules was to ensure better protection for consumers and to create a safer environment for crypto investments.


FCA’s Findings

Since the implementation of the new rules in October, the FCA has identified 221 breaches. These breaches mainly revolve around the failure of firms to provide visible risk warnings and inadequate information about the risks associated with crypto investments. Additionally, some firms have been found to make claims about the safety, security, and ease of using crypto without adequately highlighting the risks involved.


Types of Firms Breaching Rules

While many of the firms breaching the UK promo rules are dubious high-yield return schemes, it is important to note that even legitimate firms have received warnings from the FCA. This highlights the need for all crypto-related businesses to adhere to the regulations and ensure compliance to protect consumers.


Actions Taken by the FCA

To address these breaches, the FCA has taken several actions. They placed restrictions on Rebuildingsociety, a firm partnered with Binance, to enforce compliance with the new rules. Binance has also halted onboarding new UK users as a result. Additionally, the FCA has collaborated with social media platforms, app stores, search engines, domain name registrars, and payment providers to remove banned promotions and stop the flow of funds to these promotions.


New Rules and Requirements

The FCA has introduced new rules and requirements to enhance consumer protection and promote responsible advertising in the crypto industry. Only FCA-authorized or regulated firms are now permitted to promote or approve crypto-related advertisements. Promotions must also include prominent risk warnings to ensure consumers are aware of the risks involved. Moreover, incentivizing investments in crypto is now banned, and there are restrictions on typical overseas market promotions.


Challenges for Businesses

Implementing the FCA’s new regime poses challenges for businesses in the crypto industry. Compliance with the regulations requires significant effort and resources, which can be burdensome for smaller firms. However, these challenges are necessary to improve consumer protection and foster a safer environment for crypto investments.


Opinions and Perspectives

James Young, the compliance head at Transak, acknowledges that the FCA’s regime presents challenges for businesses but believes it will ultimately increase adoption. He suggests that the emphasis on consumer protection will build trust and foster wider acceptance of cryptocurrencies.


Related News

In other news related to the FCA’s rules and regulations, the largest DeFi protocol on the Solana network has reportedly quit the UK market, citing the FCA’s rules as a reason. This development highlights the impact of regulatory measures on the crypto industry. Additionally, Transak’s compliance head welcomes the changes brought by the FCA but acknowledges that challenges still persist. There is also anticipation surrounding the case of Sam Bankman-Fried and whether he will address the issues surrounding crypto regulations.



The FCA’s findings of 221 breaches of crypto promo rules in the UK raise concerns about the compliance and practices of crypto-related firms. The actions taken by the FCA to address these breaches and the introduction of new rules and requirements aim to enhance consumer protection and create a safer environment for crypto investments. While businesses may face challenges in implementing the regulations, it is crucial for the industry’s growth and wider adoption. With continued efforts by regulatory bodies and adherence to the rules by firms, the crypto industry can build trust and credibility among consumers.