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Neon Machine Raises $20M Series A for Blockchain-Based Game ‘Shrapnel

dailycrypto News • Oct 26, 00:22

Neon Machine, a prominent Web3 gaming developer, has successfully raised $20 million in Series A funding for its highly anticipated blockchain-based game, ‘Shrapnel.’ This funding round follows a previous seed round of $10.5 million completed in June of 2021. With an impressive collective resume that includes titles like Halo, Call of Duty, and Westworld, the company aims to deliver an AAA game experience with top-tier production value. ‘Shrapnel’ is a first-person shooter featuring multiplayer components, and what sets it apart from other AAA games is its integration of Web3 and blockchain technology. This allows players to have full ownership over in-game assets, creating a unique and immersive gaming experience. The game is set to enter early-access testing in December for paid subscribers, with plans to launch as a free-to-play title in 2024. With its innovative approach and exciting features, ‘Shrapnel’ is poised to make a significant impact in the gaming industry.


Neon Machine Raises $20M Series A for Blockchain-Based Game ‘Shrapnel’


Neon Machine, a web3 gaming developer, has recently secured $20 million in Series A funding for their highly anticipated blockchain-based game, ‘Shrapnel.’ This funding round follows a previous seed round of $10.5 million, bringing the total investment in Neon Machine to $30.5 million. The company boasts a team with an impressive collective entertainment industry resume, including experience with popular titles such as Halo, Call of Duty, and Westworld.


Funding Rounds

The Series A funding round was led by Polychain Capital, a prominent cryptocurrency investment firm, and attracted investment from Griffin Gaming Partners, Brevan Howard Digital, Franklin Templeton, IOSG Ventures, and Tess Ventures. The significant investment received by Neon Machine reflects the market’s confidence in the potential success of ‘Shrapnel’ and the company’s vision for the future of blockchain-based gaming.


Shrapnel: The Ambitious Game

‘Shrapnel’ is being positioned as an AAA game, which refers to video games with top-tier production value, budgeting, and marketing. The gameplay footage and documentation released by Neon Machine showcase a first-person shooter with multiplayer components. The game features a unique mechanics called “extraction,” where players must escape with any loot they find in-game to retain those valuable items. Early gameplay videos demonstrate similarities to popular games like Call of Duty: Warzone, but what sets ‘Shrapnel’ apart is its integration with web3 and blockchain technology.


Web3 and Blockchain Integration

Neon Machine aims to provide players with full ownership of in-game assets through blockchain technology. Unlike other games where players can extract valuable items for personal use, ‘Shrapnel’ connects these assets to the blockchain, ensuring complete ownership and enabling players to trade or sell their assets in a decentralized marketplace. This integration with web3 and blockchain adds a new layer of transparency, security, and value to the gaming experience.


Modding Tools and Potential for Competition

In addition to the unique features mentioned above, ‘Shrapnel’ will offer a comprehensive modding toolset that allows players and developers to insert other blockchain assets into the game world. This opens up possibilities for seasonal competitions, tournament play, and creative expression within the game. The ability to incorporate blockchain assets into gameplay introduces a level of customization and interaction that is unprecedented in the gaming industry.


Release Plans

Neon Machine plans to conduct early-access testing for paid subscribers in December, allowing a limited number of players to experience the game before its official launch. The company aims to release ‘Shrapnel’ as a free-to-play title, tentatively scheduled for 2024. These plans demonstrate Neon Machine’s commitment to refining and optimizing the game based on player feedback and ensuring a high-quality gaming experience upon its full release.


Licensing GameBridge API Platform

Neon Machine has also announced its intention to license its Web3 developer’s API platform, GameBridge, following the launch of ‘Shrapnel.’ This platform will enable other developers to integrate blockchain technology into their own games, expanding the adoption and utilization of web3 and blockchain in the gaming industry.


Blockchain and Charity Transparency

One of the potential benefits of blockchain technology is improved transparency, particularly in the charity sector. By leveraging blockchain, Neon Machine aims to enhance charity transparency in ‘Shrapnel’ by providing a verifiable record of donations and ensuring that funds are allocated as intended. However, considerations must be made regarding the adoption of blockchain in the charity sector, as not all organizations may have the resources or technical expertise to implement this technology effectively.


AI Chatbots in Blockchain Companies

Blockchain companies, including gaming developers like Neon Machine, are increasingly incorporating AI chatbots into their operations. These chatbots serve as virtual assistants, helping developers and users navigate blockchain platforms and providing real-time support. The integration of AI chatbots not only enhances user experience but also streamlines processes and improves overall efficiency in blockchain companies.


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In other news, Yuga, a company in the blockchain space, has recently announced staff reductions. The reasons behind this decision are unclear, but it highlights the volatility of the blockchain industry. On a more positive note, there has been a significant surge in trading volume for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Mythos Chain. This increase in trading volume signifies the growing popularity and acceptance of NFTs as a form of digital asset ownership and investment.


In conclusion, Neon Machine’s successful Series A funding round for ‘Shrapnel’ demonstrates the market’s enthusiasm for blockchain-based gaming. ‘Shrapnel’ promises to deliver an ambitious AAA game experience with unique gameplay mechanics and integration with web3 and blockchain technology. The release of the modding toolset, planned early-access testing, and the licensing of the GameBridge API platform further showcase Neon Machine’s commitment to innovation and the future of gaming. As blockchain technology continues to evolve, its potential for improving transparency, efficiency, and user experience in various industries, including gaming and charity, becomes increasingly evident.