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Starknet Foundation Showers STRK Tokens on Contributors, Though They're Not Trading Yet

The foundation, formed in November 2022 after the initial developer StarkWare minted 10 billion STRK tokens, is now awarding early contributors to the Ethereum layer-2 network – even though they're locked for trading at least until next April.

Oct 30, 19:23

Marshall Islands Further Strengthen's Law That Made DAOs Legal Entities

The island nation cuts processing time for registration, provides immunity for DAOs using open-source software.

Oct 30, 19:04

Crypto Winter Is Over

From bitcoin ETFs to institutional interest in stablecoins and tokenized securities, greenshoots are all around. But the coming prevailing narrative for crypto may be very different than during previous boom times.

Oct 30, 18:13

What Will Wall Street’s Bitcoin Narrative Be?

With Bitcoin ETFs round the corner, financial institutions are gearing up to promote BTC investing. The message is likely to obscure Bitcoin’s origins but could be useful for native-crypto companies, argue Dave Birnbaum and David Waugh, from Coinbits.

Oct 30, 17:51

Do Kwon's Terraform Labs Seeks Early Court Rejection of U.S. SEC Case

The stablecoin issuer filed for summary judgment, asking the judge to toss the regulator's accusations that Do Kwon and his company engaged in a multi-billion-dollar securities fraud.

Oct 30, 16:54

Protocol Village: Web3-Focused Unstoppable Domains Expands to Web2's 'Dot-Com Namespace'

The latest in blockchain tech upgrades, funding announcements and deals. For the period of Oct. 26-Nov. 1, with live updates throughout.

Oct 30, 16:16

Crypto Funds See Largest Inflow in 15 Months, With Bitcoin, Solana Leading Rally: CoinShares

Ether-based funds continue to fall out of favor, with outflows for the year now totaling $125 million.

Oct 30, 16:01

OKX Latest Proof of Reserves Shows Exchange Over-collateralized

The latest proof of reserves shows that the exchange is 103% collateralized with bitcoin, ether, and USDT.

Oct 30, 16:00

LastPass Hack Victims Lose $4.4M in a Single Day

More than $35 million has been stolen in total, according to recent reports.

Oct 30, 15:04

Celestia's TIA Token Trades at $3.15 on Futures Market Ahead of Airdrop

The token is set to be listed on Oct. 31 by Binance, Bybit and Kucoin.

Oct 30, 14:41